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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  December 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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with just seven weeks until the first votes are cast, there's a major shakeup in iowa! a new poll shows republican frontrunner donald trump is now trailing texas senator ted cruz by 10 points. kristen welker has the very latest for us tonight.
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it violates a lot of the things we think about our country meanwhile the democratic race is also heating up -- vermont senator bernie sanders now topping secretary hillary clinton in a recent new hampshire poll..... and while he continues to draw policy distinctions with clinton, on saturday sanders saved his sharpest jabs....for the republican frontrunner. s/bernie sanders/(d) presidential candidate "trump and other demagogues are trying to divide this country that is disgusting that is unacceptable and as a nation we must reject it." >> and in a recent nbc news/wall street journal poll there are some changes near the top. texas senator ted cruz has surged into second place, up 12-points to 22-percent. florida senator marco rubio is in third place.. up four points to 15-percent. and doctor ben carson has
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fourth place with 11- percent. the republican presidential candidates will face-off in debate this tuesday night in las vegas. cnn has just released the final line-up for the prime-time event. joining the main debate this time.. is new jersey governor chris christie. christie failed to qualify for the fox business debate last month.. but has since seen a resurgence in the polls. kentucky senator rand paul was in danger of not making the cut, but had a stronger showing in a fox news poll released this morning. the other candidates taking the main stage tuesday night -- donald trump, dr. ben carson, texas senator ted cruz., florida senator marco rubio, carly fiorina, former florida governor jeb bush. and ohio governor john kasich. in an interview on "meet the press".. florida senator marco rubio said he thinks donald trump announced his muslim ban proposal in part to re- claim the limelight. rubio said while he thinks it's "offensive and outlandish".. he thinks trump has touched on some real issues. "obviously i don't agree with everything he says. there's a lot that we have a difference of opinion on. but we can't ignore
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people are concerned about. if you look at the statements he made this week, obviously i think he made them partially to recapture the limelight after having lost it. and i do think we lost some of the focus on the attacks in san bernardino and focused on a plan that isn't really a plan and is never going to happen. but he is reminding us in that process that people are really upset and they're really scared. and they're worried." rubio also took shots at rival senator ted cruz. the worst terrorist attack in the united states since 9/11 still raises questions... and may have inspired another attack... against a mosque 70 miles from san bernardino. nbc's gadi schwartz has the latest...
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farook may have dumped potential evidence.. is over. the fbi has not revealed whether they recovered anything of value from the water. sources tell nbc news the fbi is trying to learn as much as they can about enrique marquez not named a suspect but farook's friend and the person who bought the two assault rifles several years ago. sources also say - it's possible both farook and malik were becoming radicalized before they met - as early as 2010 and this morning a potential answer to who fire-bombed a mosque in southern california. 23-year old carl dial accused of a hate crime. s/john dial/father of carl dial "if he's charged with this, he's going to be responsible, as an adult." his family says dial was consumed by what he's seen on social media. and that while he's innocent until proven guilty.. if he did it, he'll face the consequences. s/john dial/father of carl dial "we will supply him with money for the commissary. we have no plans to bail him out." meanwhile muslims in this
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bernardino victims, but fear constantly being the target of hate. (nat) reymundo nour/imam mosque "we are grateful that no one was hurt" (nat of aminios funeral) while at funeral homes and churches across the country, friends and family are remembering the victims of the san bernardino attack. like shannon johnson was brought back to his home state of georgia to be laid to rest. honored as a hero who gave his life protecting his co-workers... and isaac amanios who moved to california to escape violence in africa s/lila kelsey/co-worker of isaac amanios "he was so sweet and funny. his smile. he was also so happy." now joining, names on a memorial wall- (nats of bag pipes) of americans killed in terrorist attacks. >> winter is making it's quick return here to siouxland with colder temperatures and even some wintry precipitation. the storm system that moved into the region
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night is continuing to give us overcast and rainy conditions this evening. the rain is expected increase in intensity as we head throughout the night and as the begin to fall off, we may see the rain mix with and even change over to a little bit of snow. see graphics it's hard to be away during the holidays, and especially with a sick kid.
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doing something to help those families in need. the organization started years ago, when a parent had a child in the hospital and they didn't have anywhere to stay. so, they started the ronald mcdonald house for families who need a roof over their head when their children have to get treatment away from home. the siouxland house opened over 20 years ago. the ronald mcdonald house held their annual santa brunch at minerva's today. those with the charity say it's all about the families and every dollar counts. ktiv's tommie clark joins us live in the newsroom with more. tommie? well robert, the ronald mcdonald house here in sioux city was full at thanksgiving and they already know of people that will need that roof over their heads this christmas. so, the funds from today will help support those efforts. those who attended today's brunch could buy an ornament for a dollar. those will then be put on tree at at the ronald mcdonald house. kids also got to see santa and tell them their christmas wish list. then families could go get some brunch, with 20% of the proceeds from that meal going back to the ronald mcdonald house. "you know, end of the year you're
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you're wondering if you're going to have enough to make it through for your family and everything so this is a great end of the year thing to really help you bring all that money in to help families as you near the holiday season when it's so hectic and so many families are in need of support and help," said ronald mcdonald house of siouxland executive director, christy batien. after the santa brunch i stopped by the ronald mcdonald house here in sioux city. tonight after the game, i'll tell you how those funds from today's event are being spent at the house to keep families together this holiday season. robert? it's the season of giving and that's just what an anonymous donor did this year when they donated over 100 bikes to siouxland kids. that donor called girls inc. months ago and said they were riding their bike and realized they wanted to make sure every girl got a bike this christmas. so, at the girls inc. christmas party, each girl was suprised with a bike, a helmet and a lock from the anonymous donor. the executive director of girls inc. says others have been inspired by this gift and
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and ktiv's sarah te slaa too. coming up on news 4 at 5 the nebraska basketball team was rhode island. mark's got the highlights from lincoln later in
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winter is making it's quick return here to siouxland with colder temperatures and even some wintry precipitation. the storm system that moved into the region saturday night is continuing to give us overcast and rainy conditions this evening. the rain is expected increase in intensity as we head throughout the night and as the begin to fall off, we may see the rain mix with and even change over to a little bit of snow. the low pressure center will begin to exit the region monday morning, leaving behind colder temperatures along with blustery winds. our next chance of snow comes on tuesday as another, more wintry system, moves into the mid-west. temperatures will continue their plummet as progess through our work week with highs back below freezing come thursday. see graphics
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night. are you looking to buy a car. we've got the latest safety
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the way it gives out safety ratings to new vehicles. from new tests ... to new dummies ... it's an effort to keep us all safer when we're on the road. brian mooar has the story in tonight's consumer alert.
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safety - are coveted by automakers, and trusted by consumers who want to know just how safe makes and models of cars really are. the government's new tests measure how well vehicles fare in crashes at different angles ... and how well people inside the car protected. (anthony foxx/secretar y of transportatio n :46 - :55) "the end result will be tests that more accurately impacts on the human body which will lead us to a more stringent rating system." the tests also determine how effective vehicles are at avoiding crashes to begin with. crash-test dummies are getting an upgrade, too. they'll better gauge the types and severity of injuries occupants might suffer in a crash. next-generation tests - designed to keep new generations of travelers safer than ever before. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> transportation secretary anthony foxx says the new ratings actually creates an incentive for automakers to make safer cars. mark's in now with sports - the nebraska basketball team continuing their tough non- conference schedule. (mark)
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looking to move to 7- and-4... we'll take you to lincoln for the highlights coming up after the break. plus, the chiefs try to extend
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with some tough games wedged into their non- conference schedule.
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an in-state rivalry game on wednesday. big red has altered wins and losses the last 5 games - so a win was in order at home agaisnt rhode island. the huskers found themselves down most of the first half. and rhode island takes momentum into the locker room - jarvis garrett - at the buzzer - banks in the three - rams lead by 5 at the half. but here comes nebraska in the second half - big red with the steal - ahead to shavon shields - throw it down - nebraska down 6. shields was huge today - 21 points - a steal and another dunk to bring the huskers within two with 6 minutes to play. now down 1 with just over a minute to go - benny parker - drills the three - comeback complete. nebraska wins at home, 70-67. they're in the first half at hilton coliseum - the iowa state men lead arkansas-pine bluff... we'll have the highlights coming
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the cyclone women - coming off a win over iowa - also hosting pine bluff. 3rd quarter - meredith burkall gets the pass out on the elbow and knocks down the jumper - burkall had 11 points - iowa state up 45-28. later in the quarter - claire ricketts - goes reverse layup - nice move. iowa state rolls, 70-41. the chiefs are one of the hottest teams in the nfl. winners of six straight, kansas city was at home against san diego, who they beat by 30 points 3 weeks ago. the chiefs held the chargers to just three points in that game, a 33-to-3 win. scoreless game in the second quarter - kansas city setting up to run the two-minute drill - but they get a quick one - albert wilson - 44 yards - that caps a 9-play, 96 yard drive - chiefs up 10-0 at the half. 4th quarter now - it's 10-3 - philip rivers has malcolm floyd wide open - but floyd drops it - could have been the game-tying score. the chargers drive deep into chiefs territory - but on the last play of the game - san diego can't
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city wins its 7th straight, 10-3. the bears, 5-7 - at home against the redskins, who are also 5-7. chicago down two touchdowns - but zach miller brings them a little closer - bears down 21-14. then, just two minutes later - after an interception - matt forte runs in from 12 yards out - we're tied up at soldier field. washington gets a field goal - robbie gould with a chance to tie - but he misses for the 6th time this year - that ties a career high. bears fall, 24-21. iowa defensive back desmond king has been named a first-team all-american by the associated press. the junior has 8 interceptions on the season - which is second most in the country and ties the program record. king has 118 interception return yards and one i-n-t returned for a touchdown. king is the first iowa defensive player to earn first-team all america honors since
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third-team all-american. we'll have more after the break. anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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season is completely different. we'll show you how santa decided to change that. and many of this year's hottest toys are high-tech versions of classic toys. we'll tell you which ones you
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on this sunday night, gaining ground. a strong new challenge to donald trump. ted cruz within striking distance to take the lead in our latest national poll. while trump, again, defends his comments about muslims. extreme weathererererer tornadoes ripped through parts of texas, damaging dozens of homes, while a december heat wave in the eastern part of the country shattered more records. caught on camera in los angeles. the police shooting of a man with a gun,
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